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Christopher Wool - A New Sculpture - Exhibitions - Luhring Augustine

Luhring Augustine is pleased to present an exhibition of recent sculptures and works on paper by Christopher Wool. 


On view in the gallery’s Bushwick space is a new, previously unexhibited large-scale bronze and copper plated steel sculpture, which is presented alongside a 2014 sculpture and a set of etchings from 2016. The sculptures demonstrate his penchant for appropriating existing forms, deriving their structure from ranching wire found around his property in Texas. The structures are uniquely defined by their coiled and twisted lines, evoking the silkscreened and spray painted contours found in the artist’s earlier two-dimensional work. The etchings highlight Wool’s gestural style and singular sensibility towards line, displaying affinities with the wiry loops and curves of his sculptures. 


Christopher Wool Untitled, 2018 
Christopher Wool Untitled, 2014 
Christopher Wool Untitled, 2016 


For further information about the exhibition, please contact Donald Johnson Montenegro at or 212.206.9100.

For press requests, please contact Caroline Burghardt at or 718-386-2745.

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