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Charles Atlas: Anthology Film Archives Retrospective
Charles Atlas: Anthology Film Archives Retrospective - Anthology Film Archives, New York - Highlights - Luhring Augustine

Anthology Film Archives, in collaboration with Electronic Arts Intermix, will be presenting Atlas Variations: The Moving-Image Work of Charles Atlas, a major survey of Charles Atlas' work throughout May and June.

An exceptionally prolific, protean, and inventive artist, Atlas has collaborated for the past 50 years with an extraordinary array of choreographers, dancers, musicians, actors, and performance artists, and has himself occupied a crucial role at the intersection of the worlds of art, film, video, performance, dance, and installation. This special 10-program survey at Anthology represents a partial retrospective focused on these numerous collaborative and solo works, and demonstrates the riches contained within Atlas’ dizzyingly inventive and ever-morphing oeuvre. Included in the presentation are some of Atlas' best-known works, THE LEGEND OF LEIGH BOWERY (2002), HAIL THE NEW PURITAN (1986), and SUPERHONEY (1994), as well as more rarely-screened pieces such as his “MARTHA” TAPES (2000), early films MAYONNAISE, #1 (1972) and NEVADA (1974), and his stereoscopic film TESSERACT 3D (2017).

The schedule for the screenings is as follows: 
Wed, May 8: Program 1

Thurs, May 16: Program 2
SON OF SAM AND DELILAH (1991) and BECAUSE WE MUST(1989)                                                                        

Wed, May 22: Program 3
HAIL THE NEW PURITAN (1986)                                                                                                                               

Sat, May 25: Program 4
AS SEEN ON TV (1987) and EX-ROMANCE (1986)                                                                                          

Thurs, May 30: Program 5
DANCENOISE (2010-2018) and PUT BLOOD IN THE MUSIC (1989)                                   

Wed, June 5: Program 6
SECRET OF THE WATERFALL (1983) and RAINER VARIATIONS (2002)                                             

Tues, June 11: Program 7
MS. PEANUT VISITS NY (1999) and TURNING (2012)                                                                  

Sat, June 15: Program 8
INSTANT FAME NY & LONDON (2003-2006) and TESSERACT 3D (2017)                      

Wed, June 19: Program 9                                                                                        
MYTH OF MODERN DANCE (1990) and SUPERHONEY (1994)                                              

Thurs, June 27: Program 10
MORE MEN (1982)

To view the full schedule and purchase tickets please visit the Anthology Film Archives website.

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