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Tunga Catalogue Raisonné
Portrait of Tunga

Portrait of Tunga

The Instituto Tunga is announcing a call for works for publication in an official catalogue raisonné of Tunga's two-dimensional pieces. ⁠Created in 2017, shortly after the artist’s passing, the Instituto Tunga is a non-profit organization whose objective is to study, preserve, and disseminate the artist’s legacy. In 2021 the Instituto started the Catalogue Raisonné Tunga Project, with the support of Banco Itaú and the Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo - Sabesp. All two-dimensional works by Tunga, as well as their references: citations and/or reproductions in books, newspaper clippings, letters, photographs, exhibition catalogs, etc., will be included in the publication. ⁠Concurrent with cataloging, through a precise identification and authentication procedure, the Instituto Tunga has also started the process of certificating two-dimensional artworks by the artist. When necessary, the certification process will count on the support of a Consultative Commission, which is composed of Everardo Miranda, Paulo Venancio Filho, and Waltercio Caldas: three experts who each had a long and intensive contact with the artist during his lifetime, and who will assist with the authentication of the artist’s works. ⁠

Owners of two-dimensional works by Tunga are invited to please contact the Instituto by email:⁠.

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