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Kill All Lies - Dara Birnbaum, Steve diBenedetto, Henry Flynt, Mark Gonzales, Oliver Mosset - Exhibitions - Luhring Augustine

Kill all lies


Organized by Michele Maccarone


Dates: June 4 – July 30, 1999


Place: Luhring Augustine

          531 West 24th Street


Artists: Dara Birnbaum

           Steve DiBenedetto

           Henry Flynt

           Mark Gonzales

           Olivier Mosset


Dara Birnbaum a pioneering video artist will re-create a video monitor installation from the late 70’s “Kiss the girls and make them cry” which appropriates segments from an old Hollywood Squares, a television program which has recently resurfaced.  She will also premiere a new audio piece, which relates to the current situation in Bosnia.


Steve DiBenedetto, the original metal-head painter, will contribute a group of small paintings. Vaporize clouds, Ferris wheel debris, collisions of former painting evidence, surface noise and fragments of once important encoded residue -- these paintings are a blur of molten distopic abstraction.


Henry Flynt, originator of concept art, will install his portfolio of 57 color photographs of Samoã graffiti.  Taken in 1979, these photographs document the graffiti texts of artists Jean-Michael Basquiat and Al Diaz without prior knowledge of the authors.  As a result Flynt’s photographs record the graffitti texts in their original form within their architectural setting.


Mark Gonzales, a famous professional skateboarder turned artist/poet/writer, will make a an installation of his comic-like drawings, witty texts in a collage form and painting.  He will also include a video of a performance, which merges modern dance and skateboarding within the context of a sterile museum environment. 


Oliver Mosset has been consistently investigating monochrome painting since the 1970’s will be represented by a classic work.  One pale green monochrome painting. 


For further information please contact Michele Maccarone at 212 206 9100.  


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Kill All Lies
Kill All Lies
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