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Cardiff & Miller: Night Walk for Edinburgh

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Location photograph for Night Walk for Edinburgh, 2019. Courtesy the artists. Commissioned by The Fruitmarket Gallery. Acquired by The Fruitmarket Gallery with Art Fund support and presented in partnership with Edinburgh International Festival. Photo: Chris Scott.

Luhring Augustine is pleased to announce Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller's Night Walk for Edinburgh, an intimate, one-on-one video walk in which the audience are guided by a specially created video through Edinburgh's Old Town at twilight.


The Canadian artists return to Edinburgh to make one of the mesmerising video walks that have premiered in locations throughout the world. Following Cardiff’s voice and walking in her footsteps, you will be led through the backstreets of the Old Town, unravelling a disjointed tale – part game-playing, part surrealistic poetry, perhaps even a murder mystery – layered with history, invention and memories.


In connection with the project, a book has been put together during the making of Night Walk for Edinburgh, 2019. Layering together production photographs, video stills, scripts and shooting instructions, and with a new text looking at the work in the context of the artists’ other recent walks, it offers a glimpse into Cardiff and Miller’s unique process. Click here to purchase a copy.