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Lygia Clark: Painting as an Experimental Field

Lygia Clark (b. 1920; d. 1988) is an important figure in the Brazilian avant-garde. Her innovative work spans more than three decades of painting, sculpting, film- and print-making, drawing, participatory actions, and art therapy. This exhibition will profoundly analyze the most crucial years in Lygia Clark’s development, between 1948 and 1958, a period during which the artist experimented between the figurative and the abstract to articulate the visual language that would later define her future artistic production.


Along with the representation of rarely-shown drawings from her earliest works, this exhibition will present a collection of paintings from other important series created during this moment, in the goal of providing a general, fundamental perspective on the first decade of Lygia Clark’s career. This show will be structured into three historical sections: The Early Years, 1948–1952; Geometric Abstraction, 1953–1956; and Variation in Form: Modulating Space, 1957–1958.


Each section will address Clark’s most important ideas, and will provide a representation focused on her artistic development through a select choice of works.