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Green abstract painting
Green abstract painting

Jeremy Moon, Garland, 1962, oil on canvas

Jeremy Moon at Luhring Augustine Bushwick

Before he died in a motorcycle accident, in 1973, at the age of thirty-nine, the English artist made hundreds of paintings, ten of which are on view, along with one sculpture, marking Moon’s first show in the U.S. The simple shapes, flat planes, and harmonious colors of his hard-edged abstractions offer pure, lucid pleasure. In “Garland,” a delicate gold ring floats on a field of dark green. In “Orangery,” circles of yellow, blue, and purple hug the edges of a bright-orange square. The wooden sculpture, glossy with apple-green paint, rests on the floor like a Brobdingnagian jigsaw puzzle, fragmented into thirteen rectilinear sections—a jazzy riff on the modernist grid.

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