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MASA and Luhring Augustine are delighted to announce a collaborative exhibition highlighting the work of artists and designers from both galleries’ programs. Installed throughout MASA’s unique and historic Mexico City space, the show will remain on view through March 23.

The presentation will feature eight artists represented by Luhring Augustine (Sarah Crowner, Christina Forrer, Mark Handforth, Ragnar Kjartansson, Richard Rezac, Mohammed Sami, Salman Toor, and Rachel Whiteread), presented in conversation with six designers represented by MASA (Héctor Esrawe, Adeline de Monseignat, Panorammma, Ewe Studio, Brian Thoreen, and Héctor Zamora). MASA's gallery space was originally built as a country home in the 19th century and, throughout the 20th century, the homeowner organized hundreds of renown, eclectic gatherings that brought together artists, writers, and other notable figures. Continuing in this celebratory spirit and tradition, MASA and Luhring Augustine's collaboration activates new dialogues between disparate voices across generations and genres. 


Mark Handforth Bela Lugosi, 2023
Héctor Esrawe Frecuencia Bench, 2022
Héctor Zamora Poroton Lights, 2024
Adeline de Monseignat
Ragnar Kjartansson Fire (19), 2023
Christina Forrer Untitled (Arms and Legs), 2023
Salman Toor The Cuddlers, 2024
Salman Toor Family Photo, 2023
EWE Studio Altar Bench #3, 2021
Salman Toor The Backward Glancer, 2024
Christina Forrer Love Horse, 2023
Sarah Crowner Three Tigers (After PR) 2, 2019
Richard Rezac Untitled (23-08), 2023
Richard Rezac Untitled (19-06), 2019
Richard Rezac Untitled (19-11), 2019
Rachel Whiteread Untitled (Bulletin Board III), 2023
Rachel Whiteread Untitled (Bulletin Board II), 2023
Brian Thoreen Paragraphic in Four Stacks, 2024
Mohammed Sami Suffocate Yesterday, 2023
Rachel Whiteread Untitled (Silver Pallet), 2021
Mohammed Sami Years of Weaving, 2023
Rachel Whiteread Untitled, 2020-22
Ragnar Kjartansson The Colonization, 2003
Panorammma Conjoined Mirror, 2024
Mark Handforth Dark Light, 2023
Mark Handforth Half-Sleep City, 2023

Installation Views

MASA + Luhring Augustine
MASA + Luhring Augustine
MASA + Luhring Augustine
MASA + Luhring Augustine
MASA + Luhring Augustine
MASA + Luhring Augustine
MASA + Luhring Augustine


For information on the exhibition, please contact Donald Johnson Montenegro at

For press requests, please contact Caroline Burghardt at

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