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Plus One

Luhring Augustine is pleased to present Plus One, a group exhibition at our Chelsea location on view June 23 through August 6. The installation will feature nine artists from the gallery’s program, each of whom has invited an artist they admire to participate. Listed by their pairings, artists include:

Janine Antoni + Guadalupe Maravilla

Tomm El-Saieh + Myrlande Constant

Christina Forrer + Evan Holloway

Sanya Kantarovsky + Chadwick Rantanen

Allison Katz + Camilla Wills

Ragnar Kjartansson + Ingibjörg Sigurjónsdóttir

Jason Moran + Matana Roberts

Richard Rezac + Rhona Bitner

Salman Toor + Doron Langberg

As New York begins to open following the dark days and isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic, Plus One aims to celebrate interpersonal relationships and community building that were so pointedly hindered during the past year. Each of the invited artists were chosen by their colleagues for a variety of reasons – some chose a friend, others chose someone who inspires them or whose work resonates with their own. Much like a party, the spirit and tenor of the show is reliant upon the invited participants, each of whom will present a single artwork. The exhibition will not be circumscribed to the artist pairings but will facilitate conversations and spark new connections between the artworks and their makers.


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