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Art Basel 2020 Online Viewing Room -  - Art Fairs - Luhring Augustine

Luhring Augustine is pleased to present a selection of works by Glenn Ligon, Jason Moran, Richard Rezac, and Zarina.


Both politically provocative and formally rigorous, Glenn Ligon’s work explores issues of history, language, and identity. The selection of works featured in this presentation highlight the artist’s hallmark use of text. Composer and musician Jason Moran considers modes of expression in his practice, often complicating the relationship between music and language. Evoking automatic drawings and gestural abstraction, the four new Moran works on paper on view beautifully interweave process, performance, and materiality.


Richard Rezac’s abstract sculptures are rooted in a studious consideration of the history of art, architecture, and design. Crafted with materials ranging from painted cast bronze, wood, aluminum, and cotton, Rezac’s exceptionally precise works toggle between congruence and dissonance, space and form, lightness and solidity. Zarina’s work is influenced by an interest in mathematics and architecture, reflected in her use of geometry and her emphasis on structural purity. While her work has a minimalist aesthetic, its starkness is tempered by its texture and materiality.


To view our presentation, please visit Art Basel's website or our Viewing Room.


For more information, please contact Julia Speed:

Jason Moran Bite the Hand 1, 2020
Jason Moran Zodiac Lightbulb 2, 2020
Jason Moran Sustain Billow, 2020
Jason Moran Walk a Long Time, 2020
Glenn Ligon Untitled (study for large untitled (I Feel Most Colored When I Am Thrown Against A Sharp White Background), 1990
Glenn Ligon No Room (Gold) #18, 2007
Glenn Ligon With Hope, 2017
Glenn Ligon Warm Broad Glow (reversed), 2008
Richard Rezac Chigi, 2017
Richard Rezac Chigi, Pamphili, 2019
Richard Rezac Untitled (19-11), 2019
Richard Rezac Untitled (20-02), 2020
Zarina Untitled, 2012
Zarina Untitled, 2014
Zarina Untitled, 2016
Zarina Untitled, 2013
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